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A Journey to the Demise of the Universe!

Humans are not the pinnacle of evolution. Many people may argue how it can get better than this; Darwin made it clear that evolution is constant. This law is also true for our universe, no matter how beautiful or perfect it may look. Instead, unfortunately, the universe might be…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Dec 21, 2020

A Grand Cosmic Bubble Bath of Universes!

At one point or other in our lives, we have wondered whether our universe is the only one there is or are there other universes forming a Multiverse? Here I will introduce and describe a multiverse theory and try to convince you, however speculative or comic this idea or theory…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Dec 14, 2020

Quasar Jets faster than light?

In the late 1950s, the discovery of Quasar 3C 273 shocked scientists all around the world. There was something strange about its jets; they seemed to be moving at speeds higher than the speed of light!! When Einstein set forth his relativity theory, this was his inviolable…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Nov 05, 2020

Minkowski's Space-Time

The views of space and time which I wish to lay before you have sprung from the soil of experimental physics and therein lie their strength. They are radical. Henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and and only a kind of union…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Oct 28, 2020

Will the Moon Ever Leave Us?

The Moon spins away from the Earth at the rate of about 3.78 centimeters per year and has been moving away for almost 4.5 billion years. Will this rate drift our moon sufficiently away that it escapes the Earth’s influence after some time? Well, simply, no, the moon will never…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Oct 18, 2020

A Journey to the center of a Neutron Star

A star, in its last stages, has various processes going on in its several composite layers. With typical high energy nuclear fusion of hydrogen to form helium, heavier elements being created in the subsequent inner layers from carbon and oxygen to the more stable Fe56 in the core…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Oct 10, 2020

The Convective Zone in Stars

A star emits energy using radiation transfer, and there is a convection zone in the star’s sub-photospheric layers. Let us see why a convection zone is present and how convection works in low mass stars, such as in the Sun. The effective temperature required to radiate a…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Sep 21, 2020

Stability of the Sun

Why doesn’t the Sun blow up like a Hydrogen bomb (since it works on the same principle of thermonuclear reactions)? Why does the Sun ‘burn’ stably for billions of years? Mostly comprising of Hydrogen, the Sun generates power by thermonuclear reactions, or rather, “controlled…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Sep 13, 2020

Why is the speed of light a finite constant?

Why does information travel with a finite and constant speed? In simple words, why is it that always the cause of an event precedes the effect of the event? As Einstein did it, let’s conduct a thought experiment. Suppose I have two balls, both contain the information regarding an…

Govindswaroop Rahangdale

Sep 03, 2020

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