Events and Activities

Theoretical Sessions

The Astronomy Club conducts various workshops and lectures regularly to benefit the students. These lectures are hosted by both the club members and guest lecturers on astronomy basics, like formation of stars and galaxies, modern astronomy, mathematical and analytical modelling to name a few.

Observational Sessions

Observations are what solidify any theory. Therefore, we organize observational sessions to help students get acquianted with observational astronomy and navigate the night sky. The club owns various equipments, enabling us to observe a wealth of detail on celestial bodies.


Telescon is our first event for freshers, in which they learn about the basics by building telescopes from scratch. This event has two rounds, namely Presentation & Telescope Building. In the first round, the teams's ideas are judged on sustainability and feasibility, and in the latter, they build a working model of the telescope.


Supernova is a culmination of all events encompassing astronomy in the Annual Technical Festival of IIT (BHU). The events under it are based on observational astronomy (Exploring The Interstellar), capturing them (Astrophotography), problem solving (Scientists Of Utopia), paper presentation and a quiz on astronomy facts (Astro-Quiz).

Yuri's Night

Hosted in the second week of April, Yuri's Night is a commemoration of milestones in space exploration, summing up the academic year. It is a two-day event: On the first day we have workshops and theoretical lectures, and on the second day, we host an observational session followed by a movie night.

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