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Do you often turn your eyes to the stars? Which answers are you looking for, stargazing? Every person has their reasons for that, but some great minds have shared their thoughts to inspire you to live, love, and create. We, at Astronomy Club IIT BHU might help you find the answers for which you are looking.

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The Astronomy Club IIT BHU, an ambitious team driven by amateur astronomers, strives to quench students' thirst for astronomy by organizing various exciting events, from observational sessions to astroquizzes, telescope handling to Radio Astronomy, publishing the Club's very own corona magazine and many more.



With the support of SERAI, the Astronomy Club has undertaken the project to build a planetarium. The planetarium helps in attracting people towards amateur astronomy. The planetarium serves the purpose of observing the night sky of Varanasi as well as other regions of the world regardless of weather conditions and time of the day. The planetarium will have an occupancy of 15-20 people. Its major application will be to conduct observational sessions.

Planetarium under construction

Horn Antenna

Radio astronomy is a major field in observational and computational astronomy. There are many types of antennae to observe radio waves, the most basic of which is Horn Antenna. To encourage advanced astronomy in the institute, the Astronomy Club is building its own Pyramidal Horn Antenna. Upon its completion, the club will be able to conduct its own radio observations and analyze and study the data obtained.

Maan Singh Observatory,Varanasi

Ancient observatories are an important tool to understand the foundations of Astronomy, about how ancient cultures found a connection between astronomy and nature. In an endeavor to explore the significance of these structures and how they impacted astronomy as we know it, the students of the Astronomy Club of IIT BHU undertook an activity at the Man Singh Observatory in Varanasi, India. Various solar parameters including the local solar time, azimuth, declination, and hour angles were calculated using measurements taken from instruments at the observatory.

Recent Achievements

  • Case Study
  • 2nd (Neeraj Kamal, Pratyush Singh & Praveen Kumar)
Anvesha 2021, IISER TVM
  • BAHFest
  • 1st (Moulik Deviprasad Ketkar)
Astrochamp 2021, IIT BBSR
  • Case Study
  • 1st (Preety, Harsh, Atharv, Preksha, Adrija, Manish, Pratyush, Utkarsh, Jashandeep & Varun)
  • Graphic Designing
  • 2nd (Prince)
IAAC 2021
  • Final Round
  • Gold Honour & Top 1% of all participants (Pratyush)
AstraX 2020, IIT Mandi
  • Shooting Star - The online Astrophotography event
  • 1st (Amit Kumar Baheti)
  • Case Study
  • 2nd (Yash Vinod & Vaibhav Singh)
    3rd (Vamsi Bodaballa & Aditya Keshari)
  • The Science of Paper Folding
  • 1st (Arjeet Dewanagan & Anmol Saluja)
    3rd (Yash Vinod & Vaibhav Singh)
  • Case Study
  • 1st (Ayush Kumar Singh & Shristi Singh)
  • Designeer
  • 3rd (Rahul Viswakarma, Pranjal & Yash Agrawal)
  • The Science of Paper Folding
  • 2nd (Yash Vinod & Vaibhav Krishna)

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